Our Philosophy

Human sustainability is an issue that is often overlooked in the “Sustainability” conversation. There are several issues related to health, wellness, and quality of life for human beings that are connected to our food sources.  Some of these include health problems from the consumption of GMO foods; reduced nutritional value; financial constraints that impede quality food choices; and limited space for community gardens due to economic development.  There are many recognized benefits of organic gardening including an increase in the consumption of nutritionally rich, fresh food; exercise and exposure to nature; reduced consumption of harmful additives and chemicals; and recovery from mental stress and fatigue.  As a society we are deeply entrenched in a habitual lifestyle where many people do not exercise the full range of available choice.  As a result significant change in perception and behavior requires education, external motivation and active engagement.

A Community of Gardeners, is a physical and virtual community of organic gardeners, working on projects within their individual sites of choice in size, location, scope and aesthetics. The intent of the project is to organize at least 100 participants from a variety of demographics who will commit to the project for at least one year.  Social networking, blogging, webinar, and meeting planning tools will be used to invite attendance to online and face-to-face workshops, classes and sharing events. Members will explore the benefits of organic gardening and co-create, an aesthetic, and informative interactive gardening yearbook (e-book).  An eco-friendly option for hard copies will be available through a print on demand service. 

 The project deals with the art of gardening as an integrated activity within a balanced, sustainable human existence. It will look to community members and partners to personalize the experience through active participation, and collaboration in project planning and development based on the design thinking process; establishing community norms; creating opportunities for resource and knowledge transfer; and developing alternative approaches to what the economy is and how it works.  The framework for the project is structured enough to provide a trajectory, but flexible enough to allow for growth through collaboration.  This experience will be shared publicly, inviting others to join the movement toward organic gardening, healthier living, and self-advocacy.

About A Community of Gardeners

Gina Marie Lewis

Artist / Sustainable Human BEING...

Project Organizer

Gina Marie Lewis' most recent work focuses on the process of being sustainable, through acts of creativity, and community engagement.  Gina continues to use the layering color and collage on two-dimensional surfaces and three-dimensional structures in the creation of relief works and installations, but seeks to employ her work in a quest for tangible impact in the creative resolution of real world problems.  Through her work in installations and public art, she creates experiences that involve making work through community engagement, and making work for community interaction.